We have changed... we are still artists... we're just not called We Are Artists

So yes, we have changed... we were formerly called We Are Artists but have decided to rebrand. We're posting this on here because a lot of people are asking. We Are Artists (WAA) was started as an arts blog in 2013 in London but when Lusy Koror moved to Penang, it took on a whole new life. Soon we were running arts workshops and artist residencies, as well as exhibitions all around the world. Eventually in 2015 we started a temporary project called The Little Art House, and it was so successful and so inspiring to all who came, that it firmly lodged itself in our hearts, and since its closure we have thought of little else than starting it back up again. The LAHs, or people who came to the o

Remembering the original Little Art House

So some of you may or may not know, but there was an original Little Art House in Penang... opened in 2015, it ran as a shop, gallery, workshop space, event space, and general community centre for about a year. The new Art House LAH will be very much based on this space, learning from both the successes and the failures and evolving into something even more fabulous. Quotes from our "LAH"s as we call them (the LAH family) include: "this is the first place I could ever really be myself." "no, seriously, try drawing upside down... its great fun!" "have you ever tried drawing with your feet?" "These are the party Iranians..." "let's have a pizza and wine night..." and of course, absolutely sile

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