At the Art House LAH we offer a range of different packages for different budgets and artistic needs all year round. If you would like something we don't have, or our dates don't fit, then get in touch with us...


Art  Holiday

Stay in a luxurious hotel whilst attending art classes & have guided tours around Penang.

Accommodation & some food & drink are included but we also encourage you explore Penang's incredible food scene...


Art Holiday

We understand that your dreams can sometimes outweigh your bank balance, so we like to offer budget art holidays to. Some food and drink is included, as well as accommodation... its just less fancy that's all...


Art Safari

A short bespoke trip around the island looking at Penang's various jewels, from fishing villages to temples. We will show you plenty of things to inspire you and give you plenty of time to draw & paint. We will also make sure you see some of the most interesting street art around the island.

Available on request

min. 2 people

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