Over the last five years we have had a number of artists take residence with us. Most worked with us under our previous name of "We Are Artists" but all have brought imagination and playfulness to Penang's art scene. Scroll down to see who has worked with us... and to find out more you can click on the picture to follow the link to their LAH page...


Roxanne Williams

February 2019 - April 2019

Roxanne is an artist and entrepreneur from London, UK.

She predominantly paints expressive portraits and her theme for her residence is about self-love, encouraging us all to take time for ourselves and remember how special we are.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 09.21.58.png

Rike Nickel

October 2018 - January 2019

Originally from Germany, Rike draws with mixed media and is a film maker. Her working title for this project is "Hot Potato - Empathy through Art".

She is writing her Masters thesis on how art can be used as a tool to connect people. We love the playfulness in her art and can't wait to see what self portraits she will draw whilst she is in Penang.

_celinaloh with more work up at #gtf2016

celina loh

August 2016 & May 2017 & August 2018

Celina is a Penangite so we keep asking her to come back. She is inquisitive about pattern and expressive brush strokes. She is currently studying Fine Art at Lancaster University in the UK, but always comes back to LAH whenever she is home in Penang.

_rizo_leong printing this morning #72hou

Rizo Leong

August 2016

From Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Rizo Leong is a punk wood cut artist. Always interested in political ideas, and commenting on the status quo, Rizo was our artist in residence for the 72 Hour Art Challenge held at Black Kettle. He created some thought provoking work which still lines our walls to this day because we love the bold lines, expressive faces, and moving story telling within his work. 


Helen Jones

July - August 2014

From the UK, Helen Jones is an artist interested in discourse and memory. During her stay in Penang she listened to conversations and recorded them in her embroidery. At the end of her time here she asked an audience to cut up her embroidered table cloth and take a piece of her memories, but in return they had to give her one of theirs... in story form. A beautiful and haunting way to research a place.



July - August 2014

A playful artist that was originally from the UK and is now based in New Zealand. Fliss Quick noticed very quickly that Penang has a lot of wild dogs, and a lot of shrines and temples. So, she built a bubble blowing remote controlled shrine, dedicated to the lost dogs of Penang. We drove it down Armenian Street at 7am as an "unofficial opening ceremony" for the 2014 George Town Festival. hanging with his peeps at

Lusy Koror


Bermudian born, British artist Lusy Koror is our creative director and permanent resident artist. She works as an interactive and interdisciplinary artist, creating experiences that generate discourse within the community. This is sometimes done through Virtual Reality drawings, and sometimes done with stand up comedy and song... She has a pretty diverse skillset.

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