Merging Inks meets Malaysia

Thanks to Roxanne Williams for inventing the Merging Inks format.

Lusy Koror and Roxanne worked together in London before Lusy moved to Malaysia, developing and delivering the Merging Inks format. When Lusy arrived in Malaysia she quickly saw the up and coming art scene and decided to bring Merging Inks here, but with a twist... there would be a live version happening at the same time in London, with a live video feed link up.

Thanks to Hahn Zulkefli for organising the technology, and to Queen Lee for letting us use her space, Chai Diam Ma cafe on Queen Street.

The artists involved were: Koh Teng Huat, Winnie Cheng (aka Erynthology), Hao Yuan Cheng, Yeo Siguan, Paks GarciMor, and Graham Green.

Kimberly Yeoh Pui took the photographs.

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