PLAY Exhibition 2017 - Thank you

Well Lusy Koror, the exhibition producer, broke her arm a week before the big show so she was bit useless and was in hospital having it all stuck back together again.

Mary Tang, aka Miss Maniac Mary, took over the job of curating the show and all of the LAH team pulled together. Esther Geh and Winnie Cheng came and hung things, Ellie Saunders and Dan Chinery built a reading corner / sleeping den. Lusy's dad and Syafiq came along and filled in all the gaps and did a lot of the manual labour. Jonathan handed out fliers... and the show went on.

Thanks to all who came and supported us. Thanks particularly to those who came and helped out last minute, like Tina and her cakes, and Ben and Chun Howe, and Krisztina, Nizom and KD Trainer, and the Lee family, and Yih Charn who just did there thing without needing any help. Thanks to Celina for finger painting the sign.

Thanks to Julie Brixey-Williams and the Point and Place group for the moral support and packages from the UK.

Thanks to Charis Loke for her amazing table of fun and for manning it and cleaning it constantly. Thanks to Aaron and Shannon and BOS Band who set up their shows all by themselves and made us all laugh and cry.

Thanks to Hin Bus Depot and its team for believing in us as a team.

Thanks to anyone else that we have forgotten about because well, Lusy was on a lot of painkillers and doesn't really remember much of it... but she does have a cool scar now.

A big thank to Gary to... if you were there, you know what he did.

It was a wonderful few weeks and we had more than a thousand visitors to the exhibition... thats more than a thousand people learning that art can be playful, interactive, fun, and ridiculous.

Thanks all for making the world a little better... pictures are below...

p.s. The biggest thanks really goes to Lusy's dad, because he flew all the way out from the UK to help her recover from her surgery and did so much for her. Thanks Pops!

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