Remembering the original Little Art House

So some of you may or may not know, but there was an original Little Art House in Penang... opened in 2015, it ran as a shop, gallery, workshop space, event space, and general community centre for about a year. The new Art House LAH will be very much based on this space, learning from both the successes and the failures and evolving into something even more fabulous.

Quotes from our "LAH"s as we call them (the LAH family) include:

"this is the first place I could ever really be myself."

"no, seriously, try drawing upside down... its great fun!"

"have you ever tried drawing with your feet?"

"These are the party Iranians..."

"let's have a pizza and wine night..."

and of course, absolutely silence from the infamous Slenderman who frequented the shop regularly.

Here's some throwback photos to remind you of the good times, and get you ready for the future...

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