Winter Showcase - London 2013

Thanks to Nisa from Tenerife who helped me, Lusy Koror, man the market stall for two weeks.

(And my mum and my brother to)

We Are Artists started off as a blog to promote artists and after a while we thought "whats the best way for people to see this? lets take it outside... and to the streets". So we did... we chose some of our favourite artists that we have blogged about in the last year and sold their work at Ealing Christmas Pop Up Market.

Thanks to Maggi Marmion, Polly Taylor, Dionne Kitching, Sarkis Kebejian, Agnes Jones and Lusy Decoursey (now known as Lusy Koror) for getting involved. We also had a few guest artists on a few days including Made by Nisa and Sijimon siddique.

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