Thanks for everything Open Studios Penang 2019

Wow! What a weekend!

Although we only managed to get to about 8 different exhibitions, I found at every corner there were new friends to be made, and old friends to reconnect with. And what conversations we had! We discussed the redefining of words like "creative", "talent" and "artist" and it was wonderful to meet so many artists on the same page as us here at LAH, embracing accessibility and interactivity and burying ancient elitist idealism.

I've written an article about a great show that is still going on at 26 Lorong Carnavon called 8"x6". Click here to read.

But it doesn't mention all the great things i saw elsewhere, like Howard Tan's bird men... demonstrating that if you take the skin colour away from a malaysian, we are all the same really... I think that some of this work is still viewable at Lunarbar cafe now.

I also loved the Vietnamese artists in Urban Green Cabin... Ha Manh Thang's glorious textures on mesh that looked simultaneously topographical and dreamlike, and Pham Huy Thong's escape vessels, a humorous and gentle way to help people escape the horrors of the history of Vietnam.

And the art tour that we ran as part of LAH studios was such a joy. It was wonderful to share this little island that I love so much with people of all sorts of backgrounds.

So I want to send a massive thank you to everyone involved, particularly the core crew of organisers. I learnt so much from all of you during the planning process to and it was a joy to work with you.

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