6th May is a big day for LAH!

yes we have two things happening today...

1. Live comedy show!!

COMEDY OPEN MIC LAH! Live stand up comedy online on May 6th come to zoom room 87907562166 at 8pm if you want to perform come to zoom room 89354978632 to watch or watch on facebook at Penang Comedy Events See local and international comedians: Mike Saddi, Garu, Tommes, Leon Bukowski and more...


2. Launching the colouring for charity book...


Thanks to the artists for collaborating and donating useage rights of their artwork. @ivanalexanderfrancisgabriel@lusykororart @subczinskiart@accaciastudio @rikenickel@agagojskaartist @crazivity@gehesther @comicalgaru @celinaloh@vatsnshri

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